Great photos get great offers

We all understand the concept of doing things right the first time, but in real estate that philosophy couldn’t be more true. Being a real estate photographer means getting things done quickly, and getting them done right. There’s little time for do-overs, and delays in any part of an agents marketing process can have major consequences.

Recently, I had a great conversation with Susan, a long time real estate agent of mine. She was thrilled because a listing that I photographed for her in Southwest Portland went under contract in just one day. Not only that, the buyers were the very first people to see the home. So why did this home sell so fast?

Agents know that photos are a major part of a their marketing strategy. According to Susan, “The photos got the buyers out of the house and to this listing for a showing, and that’s the most important thing.” That’s why Susan consistently hires Rip City Photography to professionally photograph every listing that she gets. She treats every property equally, and it pays off. Susan says, “The professional photography that Rip City Photography provides shows the property in its best light”, and that makes it an easy decision.

My agents know that hiring a professional photographer is a key strategy in their overall marketing package. “Knowing that buyers first shop on the internet makes hiring a professional photographer a no-brainier”, Susan adds. “Chris has invested wisely in his photography equipment and the results speak volumes. There is no way I could capture my listings with a camera phone as Chris does with his professional photography gear”

Another thing Susan loves about the service they get with Rip City Photography is the consistency in a great final product and the flexibility to keep up with the fast-paced world of real estate. Susan says, “Chris has always been very flexible when I need to schedule a shoot date. My sellers need the date they need.” Susan is able to count on the fact that a photographer will be available when she needs one.

So what is the secret to her success? According to Susan, “Our clients know I’ll pull out all the stops for them.” By doing it right the first time, the job gets done well and with great results for everyone. I couldn’t agree more!















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