Uptown Market – A Local Hot Spot!

As a (mostly) full time real estate photographer, it’s really nice to be able to have the opportunity to photograph people and places beyond the usual beds, baths and kitchens of Portland and beyond. Don’t get me wrong – I love what I do. Every now and again, it’s just nice to step outside of my “comfort zone” and get a chance to photograph something different. Something that everyone can relate to.

I have been photographing real estate income properties for Chris and AJ Shepard for about 3 years now. They are 2 brothers that started a property management company here in Portland a few years ago – Uptown Properties. They have grown into one of the premier property management companies in the area.

In addition to real estate, they also operate a small, local brewery called Uptown Market. They have 2 locations. One is in SW Portland, Just on the Eastern edge of Beaverton, not far from the Portland Golf Club on Scholls Ferry road, and the other in the heart of Lake Grove on Boones Ferry Road.

While the Lake Grove location has been serving great brew and food for years, it was only recently that the Scholls Ferry location added an awesome menu to their killer selection of microbrews (36 taps worth!).  They recently underwent a total remodel of the Scholls Ferry location and with that, new grub!

Today I had the opportunity to meet both Josh in the store, as well as Scott, who is the cook. In total Portland spirit, they have a cool food cart parked just adjacent to the market. In talking with the Scott, he told me that the cart saw a few different adaptations of food fare – like tacos and such.

Scott was talking to the guys at the brewpub one day. On a whim they started talking about food. One thing led to another, and he wound up developing a kick-ass menu and landed the food gig.

The chow that comes from this cart is not your typical bar fare. It is some serious nosh! Scotch Eggs, sourced locally. An awesome burger on a toasted bun with thick cut fries. A trio of sliders, and super-tender wings, just to name a few items.

They have picnic tables outside and are totally dog friendly. If you’re in the hood and want a great brew and some not-so-ordinary food, I highly encourage you to stop by! This is a local place that is big on hospitality!


Uptown Market

6620 SW Scholls Ferry Rd (just north of Allen on Scholls Ferry)




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