The Palouse – A Photographers Paradise!

This month I attended a photography workshop to photograph the Palouse region of Eastern Washington State. Our field guide, Rod Barbee, is a Seattle-based photographer and has published several photography books, highlighting his vast experience and knowledge of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Rod has hosted several photography workshops in the Palouse and he knew all of the great locations. What a pleasure it was to have a guide that took us to the well known, and not so well known locations, so that we can work to sharpen our photography skills, with the assurance of having a professional photographer helping us with composition and suggesting great ideas for spectacular photos!

The Palouse area is a photographer’s dream! Located in Eastern Washington, near the towns of Colfax and Pullman Washington, the region shines with the gently rolling hills of wheat, barley, peas, lentils and canola, which afford spectacular panoramic views and the wildflowers! The country roads are dotted with 100+ year old barns.

Along with 6 other photographers, traveling from as far as Montana and California, I spent 4 days exploring the area, and finding all of the great views the area has to offer.

The Palouse changes color with each season, offering any photographer the potential opportunity to make exciting images. This visit to the Palouse complements my photographic style, which requires more than a single day. This is truly a beautiful area with seemingly never-ending rolling hills, old barns, farm vehicles, unique structures, and old cars to photograph.

I hope to come back to this area to photograph again during another season… Maybe even the winter snow!




Here are some of the workshop participants, working to compose a shot



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