The Aerial View From Above!

In this fast-paced world of ever-changing technology it is really imperative that I stay current with the latest innovations in photography.

As an established real estate photographer, I have always worked hard to keep my equipment up to date. Digital equipment is always improving, and I have worked hard to keep up with the new gear and latest trends.

Earlier this year I started to get several inquiries about aerial (drone) photography. I kept having to explain that I currently did not offer aerial photography as part of my marketing package. I never like to tell my real estate clients “no” on anything, but this was one area that was completely foreign to me. Although I have always had an interest in aviation, I was not sure where to start with aerial photography. At one time in my life, many years ago, I was working toward getting my private pilot license, so the desire was there.

After doing some initial research as to cost, as well as the learning curve of not only flying the drone, but also refining my video editing skills, I decided that this was the next big step in my real estate photography package. I took the leap into the world of aerial photography and purchased a drone.

Although this is a brand new offering for Rip City Photography, I have already had several requests for aerial photography and I am confident that once we get through the holidays, and back to some decent weather, the drone business will just continue to climb!


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