Dogs are part of the family

Pet photography is all the rage, as mantles and Facebook pages nationwide can attest. As a dog lover and photographer, myself, I can tell you that the final images reflect but a fraction of the experience.

As much as I enjoy shooting real estate photos for my existing clients or landing a really cool gig like having the opportunity to shoot the very first Amazon Locker Store outside of Seattle, nothing warms the heart like being able to capture the innocence and love of a cherished pet!

We all generically refer to dogs and cats as “pets”, but when you have a connection – a bond, you know that your furry friend is an extended part of the family. We know their traits. We understand when they are happy and sad, and they know the same about us. After a long crappy day, nothing comforts the heart like coming home to the wag of tail, or the loud purr from your feline friend!

Real estate photography is my “bread and butter”, but having the opportunity to capture intimate moments with owners and their furry companions gives me that extra spark that I need to continue to be creative, as well as being able to give the gift of memories to my clients in the form of photos and art.

Hopefully I will have the opportunity to capture you and your buddy!

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