Hey there!

Thanks for taking the time to look at this page. This page is “hidden” from my normal online gallery and it can only be viewed via the link that I sent you personally ( lucky you! ).

I am in the process of introducing a new style of family photography. Commonly referred to as Lifestyle Family Photography. The photos below are not photos that I have taken but they illustrate the style of photography that I will be offering.

Because I am still in the educational process, as well as working to build an online portfolio, I am offering a photo session to you at no cost, in exchange for a couple hours of your family’s time.

You will receive two sets of fully edited photos. One set will be in color and the other set in black-and-white. You can expect to receive anywhere from 60 to 100 images – both in color and B/W. They will be delivered to you via an online gallery from which you can view, download, share, and order prints from.

In exchange for this photo session and gallery of images, I only ask that you allow me to use the photos on my website as I am in the process of building a portfolio. I will ask you to sign a model release which will give me permission to use images of you and your family online for marketing purposes only.

A few notes:

  • Session time should be about 1 hour, give or take
  • I’ll be educating myself on “posing” your family so patience will be welcomed
  • I will be photographing during whats called the “Golden Hour” which is about 60 to 90 minutes before sunset, which is when almost every photo below was taken
  • If you have a favorite outdoor spot, please let me know as I am still researching photo shoot locations. Forest, Meadows, Lakes, Mountains, and other outdoor areas
  • I am offering this no-cost opportunity to about 5 families, which will give me a good foundation for my online portfolio
  • If you know of other families that would be interested please put them in touch with me
  • If this is something you are interested in, we can discuss in more detail the specifics of the photo shoot. Clothing etc.
  • Currently, the best days for photography are Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays, though that may change down the road
  • All photographs on this page are copyright Elena S. Blair, Seattle Washington. She is my inspiration for this creative arena

Thank you for showing interest!!