About This Project

Aerial (Drone) Photography

Rip City Photography offers aerial photography and video production services. We are located in Portland, Oregon but can travel to your location. We create high-quality content for clients in multiple industries, and we aim to boost the visual content of any business, organization, or entrepreneur to help support their missions. This content can range from real estate marketing to small businesses to produce content that helps support important functions for commercial operations.

Our specialty service is aerial imaging for several different commercial applications. Whether your firm needs images for real estate marketing, video for facility or site inspections, or anything related to aerial imaging, we can provide high quality work to capture crucial angles of any area.

Aerial Perspective is huge for creating dynamic images of almost anything. Ask Real Estate brokers, landscape photographers, filmmakers, and anyone else who has a big stake in making things look their best. Artistic photography isn’t the only use, but it’s a crucial factor in creating exciting content for marketing.

Luckily access to this awesomeness is right here. We offer really high-quality aerial photography and 4k video services starting at just $125 for photo packages and $250 for video. Before you price shop, make sure you take some time to think about quality – We’re photographers using tools like drones to make really great artwork, not just some drone enthusiasts hoping to make some money with their new toy.


Safety and Compliance

  • FAA licensed (FAA Part 107) for commercial assignments
  • 1 million dollar liability insurance policy in place
  • Aerial photography can only occur during suitable weather conditions
  • We follow all FAA rules, guidelines, and regulations. Safety is our first priority
  • Under some circumstances we cannot fly in all areas (like being too close to an airport)