About This Project

Side by Side: Agent vs. Professional Photos

Here are a few examples of why partnering with Rip City Photography will enable you to capture the essence of your listing or vacation rental so much better.

In the photos on the left, the agent used a standard point-and-shoot camera. Rip City Photography was hired to re-photograph the listing (photos on the right). The photos were only taken about a week apart and each of these comparison photos were taken from about the same position. The difference is truly astonishing!

Rip City Photography uses high-end Nikon cameras; the best wide-angle lenses; dedicated flash systems; and we always shoot on a tripod for tack-sharp images!

When you look at these side-by-side comparisons, take note of these details:

– Vertical Lines: Look how the walls, cabinets, etc. are nice and straight in our photos. There is minimal distortion.

– Amount of Content: Notice how much wider the shots are. That’s the advantage of using professional “glass” (lenses).

– Color Correction: In our photos, the colors look natural and balanced. We post-process all of our photos for a rich, vibrant look.

– Window Clarity: The windows are bright and clear – not “blown out”. This can only be achieved by using good on-camera flash equipment.

– Angle of View: We know where to put the camera. Our shots are always level and straight. Not looking up – not looking down!