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Site Preparation


  • Turn on ceiling fan lights but leave fan off
  • Turn on all available lights, including floor lamps, exterior lights, stove and vanity
  • Replace burned-out bulbs with matching bulbs


  • Blinds should be raised
  • Curtains should be open and tied back if possible
  • Clean windows make the outside look bright


  • Minimize counter items, such as paper towels, soap, knife holders, etc.
  • Put most countertop appliances away. Toaster, coffee maker, etc.
  • Ensure refrigerator is clear of clutter. Magnets, artwork, etc. should be removed
  • Surfaces should be clean
  • Sweep and mop kitchen floor
  • All lights on and blinds open


  • Fresh wood neatly stacked in the fireplace looks nice
  • Reduce knickknacks like photos, collectibles, etc.
  • Coffee table items are ok in moderation
  • All lights on and blinds open


  • Ensure that “display” towels are neatly arranged
  • Toilet seat down and a full toilet paper roll in place
  • No visible soap bars, dental items or personal hygiene items in view
  • Plungers, toilet brushes and trash cans should be removed
  • Ensure that the sink/vanity area is clean and clutter-free
  • Shower curtains/doors can be open/closed – depending on what you want featured
  • All lights on and blinds open


  • Beds made and extra bedside items stowed
  • Personal items like photos, medicine bottles, and CPAP machines put away
  • Clothing is put away and dresser drawers are closed
  • All lights on and blinds open


  • Park vehicles in garage or on street but not in front of the house
  • Landscaping should be done – mowing, edging, etc.
  • Driveways and walkways free of debris
  • Patio/deck furniture cleaned and neatly arranged
  • Raise patio umbrellas and open/start hot tub
  • Garden hoses and trash cans should be put away in garage
  • Pick up any pet waste
  • Exterior lighting turned on – even during the day


  • All pet items, like toys, bowls, bedding, litter boxes, should be out of sight
  • If possible, pets should be safely containted in the garage or other area